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   We have had people over the years ask if they could help in any way. I usually can not think of any thing at the time, but later wish I would have taken them up on their offer! This form is for people who would like to be on a list to call if we need help in your particular area.
   If you would like to help in any of the ways listed below or any other areas, please fill out this form and we will place you on our help list!

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Tiffany Case - Director

CMA Volunteer Form
Can you:  (Check all that apply)
 Help clean up your child's classroom after class (ex. vacuum, trash, bathrooms, etc.)
 Hand Sew
 Machine Sew
 Make Crafts (hot glue, etc!)
 Work during the dress rehearsal
 Work T-shirt table at the performance
Hand out programs at the performance
 Help clean up after the performance
 Pray for Celebration Ministry of Arts
Can we email you with specific needs for the ministry and staff?

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 Aurora  Ft. Collins
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