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September 9, 2008

Dear CMA,

"Thank you so much for coming and leading us in worship. Everyone was so impressed with your team... not only the quality, but you were able to lead us in worship in a medium that is very foreign to our church.  I heard from a few grown men who were moved to tears without knowing why.  Everyone was moved.  Thank you for the work you are doing to lead others in worship in a truly artistic expression of praise.  I am so thankful for your hearts and how you were able to lead us. 

We look forward to having your team back soon.

The following is quoted from one email I received of many that had similar praise."


"I LOVED THE DANCERS. Of course, having danced ballet for 16 years it's hard to displease me with this type of worship. Thank you for allowing me to shed tears of joy in meeting my Savior in all my weakness and in all his strength.
One of our senior saints hugged me after the service with tears in her eyes and said "what a blessing that was to me". "I want those dancers to dance the "Untitled Hymn" at my funeral". She also said that is one of her favorite songs.

Your sister in Christ,

P.S. It stirred incredible conversation during our family lunch time after church. It was all deep, positive and inspiring. Praising God for the tapestry of gifts he brings people to draw us closer to Him."

Thank you!

Rich Nibbe
Director of Worship and Arts
First Baptist Church of Fort Collins

July 11, 2006

Dear CMA,

"I am so in awe of how God has worked through CMA. I became a Christian a very long time ago, but I had never allowed God to take my dreams and let them be conformed to His will. Your Spring 2006 Program, "Press On", forced me to let go of everything I had held so tightly in my hands. That night, I surrendered to Him all of my hopes, dreams, and fears. Since then I have found a peace and joy that I cannot describe. Thank you so much, CMA, for showing me that all I have is worth so much more when it is in the hands of God. God be with you in Japan, and I will pray for you. Thank you for teaching me not only dance, but also about God."


Dear CMA,

"I love this site, it is the one I go to the most. And I just want to say thank you for all the things you have taught me through the years. I think the most important thing you have done, which I believe is your goal, is bring me into a closer walk with Jesus Christ. So, thanks alot and keep dancing. I love it!"

Emily Stroud
Elizabeth, CO USA

May 24, 2006

Dear CMA,

"I just wanted to tell you how much I loved Alyssa's "Job" piece on Monday night.  It was extremely well done--so thought provoking and moving.  It was clearly inspired by Jesus! The whole evening was precious; all of the flags in the final number brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you all so much for all that you do.
Your ministry is annointed."

Shelley Branine
CMA Littleton School

May 10, 2006

Dear CMA,

"God BLESS you and CMA. The performance moved my husband to tears more than once (and he really isn't into dance). He said that it gave him a foretaste of what worship will be like in Heaven. It was very powerful. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Brenda Cutbirth
Fort Collins
, CO

Dear CMA,

"Thanks for all you do – you really inspire good hearts, and spirits of worshipers in our girls (not to mention blessing us parents enormously through your expression of worship) and we are deeply grateful for your ministry.  We are all looking forward to the next session."

Fort Collins school

Feb. 21, 2006

Dear CMA,

"Since my Granddaughters have been in CMA Worship Dance, I have watched them grow spiritually, and I've seen such improvements in their posture and confidence.  They have found a whole hour of Ballet much more difficult, but I have encouraged them to do their best and they will enjoy their Worship Dance more and more.  They will not only receive many blessings, but will be allowing God to bless others through them.
    How wonderful the CMA Company could travel to Japan and be able to share this ministry with the people there this last summer.  Thank you for sharing some of your experiences in Japan on the Video - it was a blessing to watch."  

Roanne Clapp
Jan. 13, 2006

Dear CMA,

I loved every part of the performance Monday, December 12th in Littleton. The beautiful, heart-felt love for the Lord our God showed through everything. The teachers working with the children throughout class, through dress rehearsal and then the actual performance.

Praise God for you all! You're giving young impressionable children great adult and teen role models to look to for Christian guidance.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Kim Babcock
Littleton , CO

Dec. 18, 2005


I'm a student at CMA,
and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have changed SOOOOOO much!!!

My relationship with Christ has grown deeply and I want to thank CMA for that.

I used to dance for myself, not for God.
It was all about me, me, me. But ever since I started going to CMA, I realized that the purpose I was dancing was wrong. I now dance to worship and honor Him, and Him only.

Thanks CMA,
and thank you Jesus for bringing me back to You!!!!!!!

Palmer Lake, Colorado

Dec. 13, 2005

Dear CMA,

   I just wanted to tell you that my daughters are thoroughly enjoying studying with CMA.
    They thank me at least once a week for signing them up. They dance instead of walking all around the house, and they love the people at CMA.  They have found everyone to be so kind, and say that it feels like a family there.  I am so grateful for this opportunity for them, and I know that they are, too.  They have never been able to study dance before, and they are just soaking this experience up.
   Thank you for what you ladies do.  It is so beautiful and refreshing... I have always loved to dance in worship before the Lord and I am thrilled that my daughters get to experience that even more than I have been able to.
Thank you again!!!
Brenda Cutbirth
Fort Collins
, CO

Oct., 2005

Dear CMA,
     As one who has led worship in the local church for many years, I've long been interested in seeing dance incorporated as a viable means of expressing praise and worship to our Worthy God.  I used to wonder why the few expressions of dance in worship were either very basic, or were one general style - militant. Both have their place, but since our God is Great, and is to be praised greatly (Ps.48), the Body of Christ needs to incorporate our best efforts at giving Him the best. CMA does just that.
     The first time I had the opportunity to come to one to their recitals, I had tears in my eyes as songs I knew and loved came alive in new ways. I have also heard criticism of dance as being showy and self-focused. That's just not part of what CMA does: it's pure, beautiful, and devoted to the Lord. Not only are the CMA staff excellent at expressing their hearts of devotion to the Lord, they are gifted teachers who are able to train others - even at very young ages - to do so also. I appreciate the impact that CMA has had on my daughters, as they have imparted that same heart to offer not just songs but their whole being to God in worship.
    Thank you CMA, for helping the body of Christ in Colorado learn to include pageantry, beauty, creativity and expression in our worship of our beautiful and worthy God.
Pastor Mark Weaver       5/26/04

Dear CMA Staff,
Thank you for blessing us with a tribute to a "Wonderful Merciful Savior". What a privilege to be at the dance recital on December 3rd. Thank you for your worship to God expressed in dance, dress, banners, and in your hearts. We were blessed to see pure hearts expressed in dance for an Almighty God. Thank you for your dedication in teaching these young kids not only dance techniques but for being a positive godly role model. Our girls, Nataleah and Michaela, have thoroughly enjoyed being under the instruction of Crystal and think very highly of her. May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry. What you are doing is a very good thing and so desperately needed in our society. It is rather refreshing to see dance treated so respectfully and wholesomely and not polluted by the worlds standards. Again, we thank you and just wanted to express our appreciation for a "job well done".
Shalom Aleikhem!
(Peace be upon you!)

Steve and Kathy Small         12/7/04

My experience with CMA has been very fruitful over the past 4 years. My daughter spent a couple of those years under their excellent leadership, to develop a deeper expression of worship with dance. CMA helped to build a confidence in her that has carried into other ministries. I have had the privilege of helping CMA with music and worship in both their class recitals as well as their summer camps. The leadership team has been faithful to the ministry vision and has shown a spirit of excellence in the areas of unity, maturity, instruction, integrity, trust, and most of all, a passion for Jesus. The CMA team has worked as well with the children as any ministry that I have ever witnessed.
Pastor Matt Deeds
Power Invasion Ministries         5/19/04

Dear CMA,
I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for offering the CMA dance classes in Loveland. Renah, our daughter, has enjoyed them tremendously. She dances all the time and likes to teach her brothers and myself what she learns from Miss Melissa. Our family and our extended church family ( we invited everyone we knew) had such a blessed and joyous experience at the Christmas recital. However we delighted mostly in our daughter, I must admit. Renah had a very rough start to life. Due to many medical situations, she was suppose to be "brain damaged", "epileptic", and one doctor even told us to prepare for her death. I never really ever thought I'd see her do anything. However, after two years of seeking God and seeking good doctors, she is healed and she is perfectly fine. She is actually a little "too" fine some days! Thank you again for offering these classes. Our family greatly rejoices for what Renah is learning through your ministry.
Love, Dawn Miller      12/20/04


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"Thank you for an incredible performance last night.  I invited 11 members of our family and we were all blessed.  My 6 year old daughter just completed her first class and had a wonderful time.  What a special ministry to bring joy to our precious Father!!"

"Thank you again for a job very well done, God was truly glorified!"

"Thank you so, so much for reaching out to young people and for teaching kids to worship the Lord. I have been doing CMA since I was 7 years old and I have enjoyed it very much. Thanks again."
Anna Hoffman
Windsor , Colorado

"You ladies have changed my life in so many ways. I thank God and praise him every day for you guys!"
Breanna Gates
Cenntenial , CO

"Thank you for being here CMA. I enjoy every minute of my dance class."
Elizabeth, CO

"I'm very impressed and encouraged by your vision."
Cindy Puhek
Colorado Springs , CO

"Thank you for offering a way to worship my God through dance!"
Chelsea Nunnenkamp
Elizabeth , CO

"I just wanted to let you know how cool I think it is that you guys are willing to provide an opportunity like this where dancers can use their talents to glorify the one who deserves it most. Keep up the good work!"
Brandon Phelps
Modesto , CA

" I LOVE dance...I don't know that I'd like any other dance schools, but I really like CMA cuz it's kind of like youth group only way better since we get to worship God, read the Bible, and dance all in the same two hours!"      Rachel Hergert

"I gave my heart to Jesus
when I was little...

Now I'm learning to
give Him my whole life"

" My life is more focused
and Christ-centered
because of CMA."

"CMA has helped me
grow so much closer
to the Lord and has
given me a new way
to praise Him."

"CMA is a precious ministry. We are thankful for all the Lord is teaching us through dance at CMA. God Bless! "
Lane Girls
Elizabeth , CO

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