Celebration Ministry of Arts CMA Staff

Training young people
to celebrate and worship
the Lord Jesus Christ
whole-heartedly, and equipping
them to be ministers
and teachers of the arts.



CMA Director -

Tiffany Case Tiffany Case has been in leadership with CMA since 1998. She has been teaching worship dance, classical ballet and exam work, to children and adults since 1996. Her classical training includes exam work and certification in the Royal Academy of Dance and Cecchetti methods. In addition to running CMA’s School of dance, she has taught and lead numerous dance camps throughout the U.S., Mexico and Japan as well as teaching classical ballet and exam work for 10 years at Belliston Academy of Ballet. Tiffany directs, choreographs for, and dances with CMA’s company, traveling and ministering wherever Christ leads. She has a passion for mentoring children of all ages and training them up to be heartfelt worshipers. In 2005 Tiffany began leading CMA mission trips to Japan. The Lord has given her a great passion for the people of Japan and she longs for them to come to know their Savior Jesus Christ.   >read more<

Teachers -

Katrina White Katrina White has been taking classes with CMA since 1996. She has been a part of the Advanced class for many years, ministering at churches and conferences throughout Colorado. In addition to CMA training, Katrina studied technical ballet at Belliston Academy of Ballet. She began her teacher training as an assistant with CMA in 2002 and started teaching at the Loveland school in the spring of 2003. Katrina loves working with children and is a very gifted choreographer. She now teaches at the Littleton, Aurora and Ft. Collins CMA locations and oversees the Aurora school. Katrina has an incredible heart to serve the Lord and spread His Gospel! In 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 she traveled with CMA's company to minister in Japan. During their time in Japan she was able to share her testimony, teach workshops, dance and serve the churches in Japan. She longs for the Japanese people to know the hope she has found in Christ. Katrina works on staff in the office for CMA, where she is an incredible blessing. Katrina also co-directed our Ft. Collins dance camps in 2011  & 2012.
"I delight in worshiping the Lord who delivered me from darkness and despair. I aim to honor my Savior, who died to win me, by trusting my heavenly Father with my whole life. I want to glorify God by desiring Him above all else. He has made me glad with the joy of His presence and I want the children I teach to experience that same joy."   - Katrina White

Alyssa Reilly Alyssa Reilly began dancing with CMA in the fall of 1999 and has been teaching for CMA since 2006. In the fall of 2010, she began teaching worship dance and ballet in all four of CMA's locations. She works on staff in CMA's office, where she is an incredible blessing. Alyssa dances with CMA's advanced class, traveling and ministering throughout Colorado. She received her technical ballet training at Canyon Concert Ballet and was in numerous performances dancing in the advanced level of their pre-professional program. She was also blessed to receive training from Ballet Magnificat! in 2005 for a four week summer intensive. Alyssa has a strong heart to serve others and had the opportunity to do so in the fall of 2009 as she ministered in Kenya for 3 months with Adventures In Missions. In addition to dance, Alyssa enjoys horseback riding, cooking, snowboarding, basketball, archery and hiking. After graduating in 2007, Alyssa became an Emergency Medical Technician and worked at the Medical Center of the Rockies in the Operating Room. In 2012 to 2013, she went on a year-long missions trip called "World Race". She was a leader; planning co-ordinating and mentoring as they travelled to 11 countries in 11 months. Alyssa is passionate about spreading the gospel and is willing to follow wherever the Lord leads. She loves dancing and choreographing and wants to continue using both for God's glory as long as He desires.
"My hearts desire is to follow wherever God may lead me. I want my heart to long after and follow him and go where he wants me to go no matter what the cost. I pray that my heart would always be pleasing in the sight of my Lord."  ~ Alyssa

Alyssa (Weiss) Robbins Alyssa (Weiss) Robbins has been involved with CMA since she was eight years old. She trained in technical ballet with Belliston Academy of Ballet for ten years and trained with Ballet Magnificat for three summers. Alyssa is a talented dancer who has placed in the top 10 in many Denver ballet competitions. Although quite accomplished, her heart's desire is to please the Lord in everything she does. Alyssa teaches worship dance and ballet to children ages 3 to 18 years. She has taught at all of CMA's school locations, has overseen the Aurora school for over 3 years and has worked on staff in the office for CMA. She has also travelled and ministered with CMA in Japan. She is a talented choreographer and puts together CMA's performancce finalies, orchestrating up to 160 dancers at a time. Alyssa was home-schooled and graduated from Rock Solid High School, in 2004. In August 2008 she married Clayton Robbins. They are proud parents of a little boy named Garrett and expecting their second child. Alyssa finds great joy in being a wife and mother and cherishes the many ways God uses her family to teach her more of who He is and how He loves. >read more<

Naomi Porter Naomi Porter has had ten years of ballet training and has been involved in worship dance ministry for twenty years. She has extensive leadership experience at her church, where her dad is pastor, in college, with CMA, and with Torchgrab Ministries in Colorado. She studied Elementary Education at Colorado Christian University, and taught 4th grade at Front Range Christian School for 6 years and is currently teaching 6th grade. She has a heart for missions and takes every opportunity to travel to different countries and share the Good News of Christ. Each summer Naomi co-directs and teaches for CMA's Summer Camp program in Littleton. She also dances and tours with CMA's company dancers and has spent 5 summers ministering in Japan. Naomi spent 9 months in southwestern China for the 2009-2010 school year, where she taught English and worship dance to orphans.  Naomi is passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known to the ends of the earth.  >read more<

Erica (Breite) Bergfalk Erica (Breite) Bergfalk began teaching and choreographing dance in 1997 for Celebration Ministry of Arts (CMA) and is currently on staff with both CMA and Revive Christian Dance Studio. Ballet has always been a part of her life, starting at the age of four and then beginning intense training at the age of twelve, it’s clear that dance is her passion. However, her first love is Jesus and everything she does is to make Jesus’ love known to the lost in living a lifestyle of worship to our King. Other than Classical Ballet training in the Royal Academy of Dance, and Vaganova methods, she has training in Modern Dance, Jazz, Lyrical, Pas de Deux, Tap and Hip-Hop.  Erica graduated with a degree in Communications from Colorado Christian University. Upon graduation, she moved to Jackson, Mississippi to be a part of Ballet Magnificat’s trainee program. She returned to Colorado in 2004 and married Justin Bergfalk. Besides dancing, Erica has worked in Marketing and Advertising and is currently a Dental Assistant. Traveling and sharing the gospel through dance to the unreached is Erica’s dream. She has danced in Mexico, Scotland, England, Wales, Germany, Holland, China and Japan. Erica desires to mentor and train other young women to use their talent in dance to magnify His name. >read more<

Hannah Krohn Hannah Krohn
began taking classes with CMA in the fall of 1996, and began teacher training with CMA in 2003. She has also trained in classical Ballet and Pointe work. She currently teaches classes for CMA's Littleton location and dances and tours with CMA's Company, locally and overseas. She has travelled to Japan on summer missions trips with CMA. Hannah was homeschooled and graduated in 2006. Aside from dancing, she enjoys reading, writing, painting, drawing, acting, and martial arts. Her other great love is sewing; she is very talented and has started her own sewing business. Hannah works as CMA's costume lady, making and designing many of the class and company costumes. Hannah hopes to awaken a thirst for Jesus in the hearts of all the children she teaches.  >read more<
"My heart's longing is that I would grow so close to Jesus, and know him so intimately, that it would no longer seem like him and me, two separate beings, but us, one."    - Hannah Krohn

Gwen Kennicutt Gwen Kennicutt has been dancing with CMA since 2000 and began Assistant Teaching and training with CMA in 2005. She has taught at all of CMA's class locations, as well as CMA's annual summer camp, and has worked in the office. Gwen dances and tours with CMA's Company, and has ministered in Japan for 4 summers. She studied classical ballet at Belliston Academy of Ballet, Denver Academy of Ballet, and at the International Ballet School. Gwen was a member and choreographer with "Eternally His", a dance group at her church. She also taught a worship dance camp for her church in 2004. Dance is her passion, and she desires to use the talent God has given her to bring Glory to Him alone! Gwen was homeschooled and graduated from Rock Solid High school in 2009. After graduating, Gwen is danced, trained, and ministered with Light of the World Ballet in Syracuse, NY; furthering her training while sharing the Gospel through dance, both locally and internationally.  >read more<

" All I want is for my Savior to use me in any way He can, for I am His. He gave His life for me, the least I can do is give my all for Him." 
~ Gwen

Spenser Sikkema Spenser Sikkema
has been dancing with CMA since the fall of 1999. Besides her training with CMA, she has furthered her ballet technique by taking extra ballet classes at a local recreation center and has participated in their productions of The Nutcracker and The Wizard of Oz. She currently dances, traveling and ministering, with CMA's Advanced class. She began teacher training/assisting in 2005 and has been a wonderful help to CMA's teaching staff! Spenser has taught at four of CMA's class locations. She enjoys teaching ballet and reminding girls that they can worship God through ballet just as much as worship dance and also encouraging them to do everything unto the glory of God. "I love the little culture that CMA has created... one that teaches people to have a passion for Christ in everything that they do and to live a pure and holy life for Him."
    Spenser loves hanging out with her family, reading, working at her church, and spending time outdoors. Spenser is full of joy and passion for her Savior and longs to follow His will for her life. She has been and continues to be a wonderful blessing to this ministry!
" I love being able to show God's beauty through dance and sharing what an awesome God He is. I think lots of times we forget what a beautiful God we serve and that He loves beauty so much and wants His children to share that beauty. He is so amazing and He loves us so much!!! He is our joy and strength, our solace and comfort. I love knowing that He will never leave me nor forsake me no matter how many times I mess up and fail. "For behold, He who forms the mountains and creates the wind, and declares to man what is His thought, who makes the morning darkness, and treads on the heights of the earth - the Lord, the God of hosts, is His name!" Amos 4:13 " 
~Spenser Sikkema

Katrina Bordewyk Katrina Bordewyk was 7 years old when her grandmother gave her dance lessons for her birthday, and she hasn't stopped since! She started dancing with CMA in 1999 and began assisting/teacher training in 2003. "My first love is my God, but He has also given me a love for dance and I desire to pass on both to the children I teach." In addition to CMA Katrina also teaches Sunday school and helps in the nursery at her church. She loves children and has a passion to see them learn to love Jesus above all and worship Him with their whole lives. She also thoroughly enjoys sewing, knitting, art, writing, reading, being with her (very large) family and living in the Rocky Mountains. In 2008 Katrina graduated from homeschool graduate and has since graduated from Colorado State University, after studying fashion design and business. As for the future, God has all the plans.
 - Katrina teaches classes at our Ft. Collins School.
"Wherever my Jesus leads I want to follow. All that I hope and strive to be is faithful to Him who alone is worthy of my adoration and that my life would serve to point others to the greatness of our awesome Lord and beautiful Savior. All my other dreams and plans fall down before this, to know Him fully and serve Him faithfully."

Christine Richard Christine Richard has been dancing with CMA for 10 years and is currently dancing in the Ft. Collins Advanced class. She started assistant/training with CMA in 2007 and is currently teaching at the Ft. Collins school location. Christine has been homeschooled since Kindergarten and graduated in 2010. She has had many opportunities to serve in her church including, teaching/leading Sunday School, leading discussion times during Bible studies, and working with toddlers and infants in the nursery. She has also been able to go on several mission trips over the past 4 years. In 2007 she went to New Orleans for Katrina aid and rebuilding houses, 2008 to Juarez, Mexico, 2009 to Provo, Utah and in 2010 she joined in outreach ministry in El Paso Texas. In addition to CMA, Christine has increased her dance training by studying with "Mary Constantine Nellson" and "The Studio" for 4 years, taking classes in Ballet, Point, Jazz, Lyrical and Tap. She loves using dance as a way to worship and draw near to the Lord. She desires to help others discover how fulfilling and amazing dance can be when you do it only for the Lord Jesus Christ. Dancing is her passion and her purpose is to glorify God and please Him with every step she takes.
"My greatest desire is to be a worshipper. I want to give glory, honor, praises, and blessings to the God of my heart, who has so compassionately reached down to help me to His side. He is the beautiful One that I live for and long to be with for every single moment! My purpose in dancing is to use all that I've learned to accomplish this goal of glorifying the Creator in my life and to help others to do so as well. To God be the glory!"
~ Christine

Daviah Sikkema
Daviah Sikkema
began taking classes with CMA in the fall 2000, began assistant teaching in 2007, and began teaching in the spring of 2012. She loves working with students of all ages and is very thankful for the opportunity to disciple them and imprint the love Jesus on them! She has recently graduated from high school and plans on furthering her education at the Community College of Aurora.  Daviah is excited to see what God has in store for her future, especially this summer as she heads to Japan. In her spare time Daviah loves reading, cooking, and spending time with all the people she loves (which is everyone!).

Charissa Petree Charissa Petree started dance classes when she was 3, and has loved it ever since! She used to dance just because she enjoyed it, but when she found CMA, that all changed. She started CMA in the summer of 2009. She now finds her dance is a way to worship and thank God, to tell Him her deepest prayers, and she prays it’s a way that she can share His great love story with others. She started assisting at CMA in the spring of 2010, and is now loving being a teacher! Outside of dance, she likes to love on babies, spend time with her friends, read, ride horses, and be outdoors. She’s on the Children’s Ministry team at her church and is often babysitting. She enjoys being able to share God’s love with the littlest ones, in a tangible way, by caring for and loving on them. This summer she has been chosen to minister with Orphan Outreach for one month in Russia! She will be traveling to several different orphanages to serve the staff and spend time with and teach those precious ones about God' love for them.

“I love teaching because I get to lead kids towards God’s heart. It’s the best sight when they understand why we’re dancing and you can see the pure joy and love on their faces as they worship and dance with abandonment for their Jesus.”

LynnCheri Flowers LynnCheri Flowers has been dancing ever since she could walk! She started dancing with the Israeli Celebration Dancers at the age of nine and still travels all over the U.S. dancing and spreading the love of Christ with them. She started classes with Celebration Ministry of Arts the fall of 2005 and later furthered her training at Mary Constantine-Nelson and The Studio. She trained in ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, tap, a little hip-hop and a little Broadway dancing for four years, and danced with their performance and competition team for two years. She started assisting classes with CMA the fall of 2011 and is now teaching both Ballet and Worship Dance in both the Fort Collins and Littleton locations. She loves teaching because she finds joy in watching her students grow in their technique as well as their freedom of expression and she encourages her students to not only strengthen their body through class, but also their spirit as they worship even while doing plié’s!  


LynnCheri enjoys dancing, singing, playing piano, reading the Bible, writing poetry, practicing calligraphy, and spending time with her big family! She has worked with children of all ages for eight years and is currently a teacher once a month at her church. She loves singing with the praise and worship team Sunday mornings as well as leading prayer and being assistant praise and worship leader every Wednesday night. She loves to go out of the country on mission trips and has been blessed to go to Israel in 2004, and to Jamaica in 2008 and is looking forward to the other places the Lord will lead her. She is currently taking online classes with Grand Canyon University and will graduate in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Christians Studies with an emphasis in Youth Ministry.
“My greatest desire is for my life to be so passionate, utterly engulfed, and overly obsessed with God that all others see is HIM. I do not want others to see me, a flawed sinner, but the Creator of the Universe! I want to be a gateway for people to catch a glimpse of the FULLNESS of God and am challenged to pursue God even more than before, and to never stop wanting more of Him each and every day!”

“One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple.” Psalm 27:4 NIV

Becky James
Becky James
started dancing with CMA in 1999 and currently dances with the advanced class in Fort Collins. She started assisting in 2005 and began teaching with CMA in the spring of 2012. She loves teaching her students about Jesus and His love, both at CMA and in her Sunday School class. Becky spent a summer serving the Lord in India, she will return again this summer to spread the love and life of Christ! Becky recently graduated as a Registered Nurse and eventually wants to be a long term missionary to Asia.

Naomi Rivera Naomi Rivera has been dancing with CMA since 2009. She began her teacher training as an assistant with CMA in 2011. In 2012 she began teaching and directing worship dance classes near her home. Naomi has 6 brothers and lives at home with them and her parents. She enjoys being with her family and friends, Colonial reenacting, gardening, hiking, being outdoors, sewing, playing music, dancing, and teaching. Naomi’s joy is contagious and her passion for her Heavenly Father is an amazing example to those around her!
“My desire is to teach children, not only how to worship Jesus through dance, but for them to realize they can and need to worship Him with their everyday lives. I also want them to see the joy that comes from having a relationship with our Father and Creator.
It is my goal that in everything I do and say I want to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ."

CMA Alumni / Guest Teachers

Rachel Hergert Rachel Hergert
started dancing with CMA in the Summer of 2002. She began assisting/teacher training in the Spring of 2006. In addition to her years with CMA, she has also trained at the Littleton Dance Academy in Ballet and Pointe work. She is taught classes at CMA's Ft. Collins and Littleton locations.    
    Since the age of 11, Rachel has been working with kids at church. She loves teaching children, especially girls, that they are treasured and valued by God; and enjoys helping them discover their unique identity and purpose. In 2007, she started working with North Littleton Promise (an after-school ministry for at-risk children) leading a girl's small group. For the past two years she has organized, directed, and taught at an annual dance camp for underprivileged/at-risk girls, held at a ministry in Littleton, Colorado. In the spring of 2011, Rachel attended a discipleship and missions training school through Youth With A Mission (YWAM), which included a two month outreach to South Africa and Mozambique. This trip was life-changing and led her to pursue more training/ministry opportunities through YWAM. Rachel's dream is to become a full-time overseas missionaryand use her passion for the arts to bring healing to the nations. She especially loves dance, painting, writing and music - and enjoys using her talents to draw people into God's presence. Her greatest passion is two-fold: to love the least of these, and to re-awaken the dreams of God in peoples' hearts, no matter where they live.  Rachel is currently living in Kona, Hawaii and is on staff with YWAM.
"I want to be so consumed by God that every moment of every day, His love overflows from my heart and touches someone else's life.  My prayer is that I am known not for what I do but for who I am...that people look at me and say, 'Wow...she loves God.'  I long to be used by God to bring healing, restoration and purpose into hurting lives, so that they can turn around and spread the same hope to even more people." 
~ Rachel Hergert

Christine Rempel Christine Rempel started training with CMA in 1998 and began teacher-assisting and interning with CMA in 2006. She loves to combine her passion for dance with her incredible love for her Savior! Christine has a strong background in technical ballet, examining in the Royal Academy of Dance and Cecchetti methods, as well as being trained in many other styles of dance at Bellistion Academy of Ballet as well as dancing and touring with CMA's Company for several years. She travelled to Japan to dance and minister with CMA in 2009, 2010 & 2011. Christine is very active in her church and loves to take every opportunity to serve. Her sweet and humble spirit beautifully reflect her Heavenly Father. Christine graduated and is now attending Eastern University in Pennsylvania. >read more<

Darrah Darrah (Sikkema) Wallace (Married Jeffrey Alden Wallace on June 19, 2010)  danced with CMA in the spring of 1999. She has done teacher training with CMA and has had extensive experience working with children, including teaching Sunday school and working in the nursery at Eastern Hills Community Church, where her father is the pastor.  Darrah has had opportunities to go on missions trips to Tanzania, Africa and to Central Asia. Darrah has a passion for children and for worshiping the Lord through dance and is excited to be able to combine the two by teaching at CMA. Her love for the Lord and desire to give Him everything, is clearly shown in every area of her life. Darrah has been an incredible blessing and treasure to our ministry and staff. She is now living with her husband in Washington and is a joyful mother of two!
"My heart's one desire is that every thought, word and deed is pleasing to my Savior who redeemed me at a high price -- His own precious blood. "   - Darrah Sikkemah

Shannon Lane Shannon Lane's love for dance began with her first ballet class with the Royal Academy of Dance when she was seven years old. She came to CMA in 2001, began assisting in 2003 and has also been a part of CMA’s trainee program. She has danced with CMA's advanced class for several years, traveling and ministering throughout Colorado. Shannon taught at several of CMA's class locations and worked on staff in the office.
   Shannon has had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania, Africa on a mission trip with CMA teacher Darrah Sikkema and CMA student Bethany Schlachter. While they were there they had the opportunity to worship the Lord in dance among the fellowship of Tanzanian believers.
   In 2008 Shannon traveled with CMA's company to minister in Japan for 4 weeks. In Japan she was able to spread Christ's life by sharing her testimony, teaching and serving. Shannon graduated from home school in 2006 and is pursuing avenues to become a missionary and midwife, but most of all she wants to be a wife and mother. Her incredible love for her Heavenly Father is evident in every part of her life! The joy she has flows out of her relationship with Him and her willingness to give Him everything.

“That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God. Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory...“ Eph. 3:16-21

Chloe Lane Chloe Lane has danced with CMA since 2001. Her joy and passion for the Lord are infectious! Chloe danced in one of CMA's advanced classes and has traveled and ministered throughout Colorado. "When I first started dance I would have preferred to spend that time playing baseball or playing with my brothers. But once I saw that the vision of this school was to worship our Redeemer and to glorify only Him, it made me love dance! I am now very excited to be able to show that same vision to the girls I teach". Chloe began assisting / teacher training with CMA in 2005 and was a blessing to our staff and students. She comes from a large family and loves working with children, sharing with them her passion for worshiping through dance! She also loves baseball, hunting, baking with her little brothers, spending time with her family and has a fascination with foreign languages. In the future Chloe would love to further her language studies using them to communicate truth to the nations, through translating literature and relationship building. Her ultimate desire is to follow after the Lord's plan for her life.
"The very Glory of God is dwelling in me! As I live this life, it's that Glory of God that I want others to see. I pray for and desire a humility that will focus wholly and fully on Him and His Glory! This IS my hearts cry!
~To the King of Heaven's Armies be all the Glory forever!!! "

Jillian Cook Jillian Cook
began dancing with CMA in the fall of 1995. She has also trained with Revive Christian Dance, Belliston Academy of Ballet, 5678 Dance Academy of Performing Arts, Michelle Rozeboom, and at International Ballet School. Jillian began teacher training with CMA in 2005. She says "The desire I have for teaching is an ever-growing process. The more I teach these children, the more it makes me want grow even closer to Christ." She enjoys drawing closer to her Lord and Savior and looking forward to what God has planned for her life. She loves spending time with her family, especially her new niece, and hanging out with friends. She has a passion for foreign missions and is looking forward to what God is going to do in that portion of her life! Her heart's desire is to see His gospel preached throughout the world, and whether or not the Lord uses her dance to do so, her only prayer is that she would be moldable clay in God's mighty hands, fully abiding in His love, and striving to be His tool and instrument to the people and nations around her. She believes that if the people around her don't see Jesus in her, then her goal and focus are dormant.
- Jillian is now attending Moody Bible Institute.
" This life is too short to plan ahead into the future. God has called us to preach here and now. My hope and prayer for all Christians today is that we wouldn't wait for us to be comfortable in sharing the gospel but that we would preach it day in and day out without hesitation. God will speak through you if you let Him, for the sole purpose of glorifying God and preparing people for the coming day of the Lord and His eternal kingdom."

Jaella Cook Jaella Cook has been part of CMA since 1997 and has trained additionally in technical ballet at a local dance studio. She danced in CMA’s advanced class for many years, traveling and ministering throughout Colorado. Jaella began assisting / teacher training with CMA in 2003 and taught at CMA's Littleton location. She loves teaching and working with young children, sharing her passion for Christ. Last year, Jaella was able to share the love of Jesus on a missions trip to Israel! In addition to dance, Jaella loves art, music, singing, guitar, and piano. She is currently attending Moody Bible Institute. Above all else, she desires to follow after Christ and have Him be glorified in all she does!

Jenna Cook Jenna Cook has been dancing since she was 4 years old, beginning at Colorado School of Ballet. She has been dancing with CMA since its first session in the fall of 1996 and began assistant teaching with CMA in the fall of 2003. She loves working with children and enjoys coaching games, teams and Bible quizzing teams for K– 6th graders in her Awana program, substitute teaching Sunday school, and working with the dancers at CMA. Besides dance she enjoys acting with her church drama group and Christian Youth Theater, singing, playing the piano, reading, spending time with friends and family, playing volleyball, and being involved in Awana. She was home schooled and graduated from high school in 2007. Sheis now attending Moody Bible Institute and pursuing their 5-year vocal major program.
“My personal role model in the Bible , aside from Christ, is the Apostle Paul. Jesus was his all-consuming passion. To him there was no greater calling than to spread the gospel and there was no greater honor than to be found worthy to suffer for Christ’s sake.  I want to make Christ the fire burning within me that shines forth through everything that I do.”  – Jenna Cook

Janelle Conner Janelle Conner
danced with Celebration Ministry of Arts for ten years. She assisted and trained with CMA for four years and taught at our Littleton location.
Janelle has been home-schooled through her entire academic and domestic education. Some of her hobbies / talents are, tatting, sewing, stamping, cooking, working with children, spending time with her mom, dancing, and being involved with AWANA. She loves reading her BIBLE, and any other book she can get a hold of! 
Janelle is now living in North Carolina with her husband and loves being a homemaker and mother of two!
"People ask me "what are you want to do when you grow up" this is the answer I give: a home schooling, missionary, mother! I don't know where God wants me, but He does! So for now I will put my trust in Him and press on toward the goal; by faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST."  ~ Janelle

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