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Outreach Update:     Japan / China / Tanzania / Mexico / Nursing Homes

     Japan:      (Archives: 2005-2015)

CMA Japan 2013
July 2013

Japan 2012
July 5 - August 6, 2012

Our 7th Year in Japan

July - August, 2011

CMA Japan 2010
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July 1st - August 9th, 2010          

CMA Japan 2009

July 8th - August 7th, 2009          

CMA Japan Mission 2008
July 11th - August 7th, 2008          

CMA Japan Mission 2007
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CMA Japan 2006
July 24th - August 4th, 2006          

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CMA Japan Tour 2005
July 18th - August 9th 2005          

As some of you may know, CMA’s company dancers went on a missions trip to Japan this summer. We did a worship dance tour through two third’s of the country, traveling as far south as Kyushu and as far north as Nagano. We danced at 17 different venues, from churches to kindergartens, community centers to theaters. We were able to share the gospel through our dances and testimonies to audiences where over half of the people had never heard the message of Christ.  One of our favorite things was going out after each concert and meeting new people, hearing their stories and praying with them.

The Lord taught each one of the team members about His awesome faithfulness. He demonstrated how He can sustain us and give us the strength, physically and emotionally that we need, to do what He has called us to do. Part of our ministry was to our Japan team members who are “returnee Christians”. This means they asked Jesus to be Lord of their life in a different country and now have moved back to Japan. They are dealing with a culture shock within the church, discouragement, and feeling alone in their walk with Christ. It is so hard to be a Christian in Japan, over 90% of the people who give their life to Christ end up falling back in to their former religion, either Shinto or Buddhism. We were able to spend a lot of time with these people, sharing, listening and praying with them. We were excited to hear back from many of them telling how encouraged they were, telling what God had been teaching them and we heard that some of them, through the tour, had found a church to be a part of. All praise and Glory to the Lord!

We met so many dancers who were seeing this type of dance for the first time. God is stirring a desire in them to use their talent of dance for Him. They would love for us to send someone over to start CMA Japan, teaching and training over in Japan. There are also two college age girls that we met who are praying about coming over to the U.S. and training with us next year! There are so many opportunities, we are praying and seeking the Lord on His next step for each of us personally as well as CMA in general.

I would like to once again thank each and every one of you who worked or donated funds to make this ministry opportunity happen! Hundreds of lives were touched, thousands of miles away, because of you and your sacrifices.

If you would like to read more about what we did or see pictures, click on CMA Japan. There is a “daily diary” where you can read in detail about each day. Keep checking in because we will be posting many new pictures, testimonials and some new video clips, we just have to finish sorting through them all! Thank you for taking the time to read about what the Lord has been doing through CMA this summer!

May we always bring Him glory!

Tiffany Case and CMA Company

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Naomi Porter         There are approximately 30,000 people born again each day in China, with the underground church estimated to be close to 100 million. The need for Bibles is urgent. Your prayers and love offerings helped make it possible for a team of young people to be transported 10,000 miles from their homes in order to bring God’s Word to His beloved people in China. Countless lives will be touched because of the Bibles brought in by Torch Grab Ministries and four CMA company members, thanks in part to your generous contributions. In return we would just like to share with you how God used this mission to impact and touch the lives of the China team as well. 
Crystal Gifford           While there, the team was blessed with an opportunity to distribute shoes to a group of excited, yet quietly grateful Chinese children. Each child received a pair of shoes handed to them in a box with their name on it. When their name was called, each child in turn would come up and accept their pair of shoes, they sweetly bowed their thanks, smiling as if they had just been handed the most priceless treasure. The delight and joy on their faces moved many on the team to tears.
           The team was also given the opportunity to visit a few of the local schools and teach English lessons to small groups of eager students. The team used flash cards with pictures on one side and the English words on the other. The children picked up surprisingly fast and enjoyed every minute of it. Following the classes the students would eagerly surround the group, pleading for autographs. The team members were happy to comply, asking for the children’s autographs in return. It was a memorable and humbling experience for each team member.
Worship Christ in Front of Ancient Temple          The dancers will never forget their opportunity to worship and dance in a dirt court yard outside an ancient temple built to house a statue of Buddha. Because the arts are so widely accepted in China, they were able to pour out God’s presence in a place were you are persecuted for being a Christian.

          Many lives have been and will continue to be touched because of your prayers and gracious financial contributions. Thank you so much for your support.

Tanzania, Africa:

Darrah Sikkema in Tanzania    In January, 2005, one of our CMA teachers, Darrah Sikkema, as well as two of our advanced students/assistants, Bethany Schlachter and Shannon Lane, had the opportunity to go and minister in Tanzania. We would love to share with you some of their experiences.
   Tanzania is one of East Africa's poorest countries, with a high rate of aids infection and orphans. Although there is a huge spiritual battle going on there, especially between the Muslims and Christians, the church of Tanzania is alive and well. The main focus of their trip was to reach out to the Christian schools and churches there, to offer them support, encouragement, and resources.
   They visited schools, and sang songs with the children. They also performed the clown skit "Clean Heart Cleaners," which the girls learned at our last summer camp. They ministered into the lives of some the local orphans by handing out hygiene bags and bananas! Some of the adult members of their group held conferences for the local pastors. The girls had an opportunity to dance during the opening of one of their worship sessions.
   CMA is proud to support our young worshipers who choose to use their dance as a form of outreach. We feel privileged to be one of the Lord's tools, preparing and encouraging young people to use the arts and their lives to reach others with the gospel.

Tiffany and Erica in Anapra  
During the summer of 1996, CMA dancers had the wonderful opportunity to minister and dance in Anapra, Mexico.  It began with an outdoor church service in an impoverished community. As we drove in to Anapra, we were humbled by the lean-to houses and shacks that were "home" to so many. They asked us if we would dance during their service. We agreed, and though we didn’t understand the lyrics, we prayed God would lead us, then we simply worshiped. Dancing barefoot in the hot sand, to songs we didn’t know, was a poignant reminder of God’s presence no matter the circumstances. We were amazed that day, by how God worked through our movements. Though we didn’t know the language, people said afterwards that our movements and expressions had perfectly matched the words. Our God is an awesome God! After worship we performed “Breath of Heaven”.  The words were translated in Spanish and the people were touched by the message of the song.  Many women had tears in their eyes as they heard of God’s mercy to Mary during her time of doubt and loneliness.  The children (boys and girls) were eager to dance as well, so we taught a short lesson, danced with them and showed them how to use scarves and ribbons. They giggled at our attempts to explain the movements, but had a wonderful time nonetheless. 
Ministering on the back side of a desert.   When we returned to Anapra a year later, in 1997, we were again able to minister and dance.  This time without costumes or choreography, we led a group of children in free dance and follow-along movements during worship.  Many adults joined in as well. Some were baptized that day in a large tub sitting in the hot sand. We distributed clean water and food, and entertained the children with face painting and balloons. As we sang, danced, and prayed for these people and this place, we were again reminded of the only necessary components of worship—the presence of God and willing hearts.

Retirement Communities:
Nursing Home Outreach    
Summer Camp wouldn’t be complete without a chance to share the love of God with others.  For this reason, camp participants visit a nursing home every year. The students present the dance they learned that week and then they talk to the people afterwards. The residents are always touched by the dances and most of all by the kindness expressed by the dancers. At first the dancers often feel shy, but we encourage them to greet each person and ask if they need prayer.  It has been such a joy to see aged faces light up and eyes glisten as we take the time to listen to them. The children learn that kindness has its own reward and often leave feeling more confident in God’s love, and its power, shining through them.

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Naomi Porter gives shoes

CMA Company Dancers Naomi Porter, Melissa Gifford, Crystal Gifford and Erica Breite distributed bread, shoes and the love of Jesus in China.

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