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  • Japan 2006 Photos
    Kitakyushu Performance
    Kitakyushu Performance
    Dance Camp & VBS
    Dance Camp & VBS
    Dining Out, Sightseeing, Purity Seminar
    Food, sights, Purity Seminar
    Photos by Junko (June) Matsumoto & Tiffany Case
    View our 2006 Video Highlights Video
    View our Slideshow
    More Photos in "Mission Log" on Updates page.

    (Visit Junko's Photo Blog - 7 pages of CMA)

    Donors' Thank-You Letter
    (Oct.6, 2006)

    God is Faithful
    (God is Faithful)

    Return to Japan
    The CMA Company Dancers have been invited back to Japan this summer.

    We stood in amazement, as we saw the Lord open the doors to Japan last year. Now CMA has the privilege of ministering there not just once, but twice! Praise the Lord, He is so good! Our hearts desire is to be His hands and feet, taking the message of Christ to anyone who will hear it. Company members, Erica Bergfalk (Breite), Tiffany Case, Melissa Estepp (Gifford), Crystal Gifford, Naomi Porter and Alyssa Weiss will be traveling together once again to minister in Japan. This year we will be staying with one ministry for the entire time. This will allow us to better serve their ministry and be able to spend more time building relationships with people. Our company will be traveling to Kyushu (the lower island in Japan) for 12 days, the last week of July. We will be working with Rocky and Marla Ayatsuka, a couple we ministered with on our trip last summer. (see more below)

    See the latest!

    Japanese children In the city of Kitakyushu we will have the opportunity to:
    • Hold worship dance workshops for children to adult.
    • Have 2 'Purity' seminars for girls.
    • Teach about worship dance ministry, giving advice on things we have learned over the years and on how to start a dance ministry.
    • Hold concerts like last year, dancing and sharing the gospel through our testimonies and God’s word.
    • Work with a vacation Bible school.
    We can’t wait to see all the things the Lord has in store for us this year! Through us, may His name be glorified!

    CMA Japan 2006
    Mission Schedule:Never Alone
    • July 24th - arrive in Fukuoka
    • July 25th - meet the kids at a kindergarten
    • July 26th & 27th - two-day workshop (dance camp)
    • July 28th - 75 minute dance concert (evening)
    • July 29th - "Purity" seminar for girls
    • July 30th - Dance at 3 different churches
    • July 31st - 2nd "Purity" seminar for middle/high school girls (mostly unchurched)
    • July 31st thru August 2nd - help with vacation Bible school
    • August 1st - Dinner at an ocean-side restaurant hosted by Pastor Noguchi
    • August 3rd - sightseeing day-trip
    • August 4th - leave for home (and leave us all crying!!!)
    Kyushu friends at train station
    Kyushu friends at train station
    Kyushu Performance 2005
    Kyushu performance 2005

    It has been exciting over the last year to hear how many of our young students in Colorado have been inspired to use their dance for missions. The Japan tour last year began to show them that they could use the talent God has given them to break language barriers and begin to spread the gospel. We constantly want to inspire our students to live such a passionate life for Christ that it would spill over onto all who come near.

    Remember our Kyushu friends from CMA Japan Tour 2005?
    Pastor Rocky and Marla Ayatsuka Pastor Rocky & Marla Ayatsuka
    Aroma Ministries

    - Hosted CMA performance for 8 churches in Kyushu
    - Radio Interview with CMA Dancers >Click Here< (.mp3 file) CMAラジオインタビュー(MP3ファイル)

    - Marla designed the CMA Japan Posters (See them below)
    Their Website:
    See also: Afureru (bubbling over) CMA Information in Japanese
    Live in: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka

    Rocky Marla and Hana Ayatsuka We had the privilege of working with Rocky and Marla Ayatsuka last year while we were in Japan. They were the first people we ministered with last summer and we felt an immediate connection! We had such an awesome 3 days with them, it was hard to leave. Praise the Lord! Now this summer we get to work with their ministry for 12 days!

    Hana Ayatsuka Rocky (real name Hiroaki, from Japan) and Marla (from Texas) are married and live in Kitakyushu, Japan where they are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people through music and evangelism. They also have a sweet daughter named Hana. She was adopted from a Christian adoption agency in Japan which seeks to save babies who otherwise would have been aborted!
    To see more about her adoption:

    Takako Haga
    Takako Haga
    - Worked with us
    last year in Kyushu
    - Junior High English teacher
    - Works with Pastor Rocky and Marla

    Lives in: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
    Shinobu Hasegawa Shinobu Hasegawa
    - Volunteer
    - Worked with us last year in Kyushu
    - Provided transportation
    - Works with Pastor Rocky and Marla
    Lives in: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
    Pastor Noguchi
    Pastor Naoki Noguchi
    Ashiya Baptist Church
    - He let us stay at his church while we were in Kyushu last year
    - Provided transportation

    Lives in: Koga, Fukuoka

    Poster Designed by Marla Ayatsuka Poster Designed by Marla Ayatsuka
    Designed by Marla Ayatsuka
    Designed by Marla Ayatsuka
    Designed by Marla Ayatsuka
    CMA Concert & Dance Camp posters designed and printed by CMA Japan team.
    >Click Pics to enlarge<

    Keep watching for updates.
    If all goes as planned we will be feeding information home and will get it out to all of you, our CMA Japan family!
    CMA (”セレブレーション・ミニストリー・オブ・アーツ”)
    CMA (the ” [serebureshiyon] ministry of arts”)
    CMA (Celebration Ministry of Arts )

    [washitsupudansu] (ゴスペルミュージックを使用するバレエのダンス)
    [worship dance] (Dance of ballet which uses gospel music)

    Tiffany and Hana Ayatsuka
    Tiffany and Hana Ayatsuka
    Kyushu friends in 2005
    Our Kyushu friends on 2005 Tour

    CMA Japanese Site
    Afureru! ( あふれる!bubbling over)
    Our host ministry's CMA information in Japanese

    Follow our fund-raising progress on our "Fund Meter"

    Read about our CMA Company, Member Bio's &
    Testimonies, Video Clips & Photos

    Learn about the history of Christianity in Japan on our "Japan Profile" page.

    Our "CMA Japan Tour 2005" Archive
    contains everything about last year's trip, including:
    photos, videos, daily diary, newsletters, maps, and our Japanese Team Members

    Jesus Christ is Lord
    Worship God in the Dance

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