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"Lord, since the day I saw you first, My soul was satisfied;
And yet, because I see in part,
I'm searching, more to find"

- Matt Redman


Come let us Worship
    CMA's company dancers all believe God has called them to the ministry of dance. It is their conviction that the highest place of ministry is first to Jesus, and out of this worship is where the presence and anointing of God can flow.

   This team of young women have ministered in churches, schools, conferences, weddings, memorial services, dance camps, and street ministry around the United States, Mexico, Great Britain, China, and Japan. They have ministered at the National Day of Prayer, Colorado Home Educators Conferences, Christian Outreach Center National Conference, Torchgrab Youth Rallies, Dennis Jernigan's "We Will Worship" with Jerry Nelson (Denver First Church of the Nazerene), for OMF International, appeared on Christian television, and the 1999 Denver Passion Play.

The company's desire is that people from all backgrounds, from every people group and nation, would come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. That people who are lonely and hurting would find Jesus to be their comfort and ultimate joy. During the company's performances they want to draw people's eyes to the Lord, telling of all He has done! Through the messages in their songs, their dramatic movements and facial expressions and their speaking opportunities, they pray that hearts would be changed, desiring to know more of Jesus Christ.

   Each of the Company members has worked with children, youth and adults from a broad spectrum of homes and family lives -- from prosperous families to children living in cardboard homes -- English, Spanish speaking, Chinese, Japanese...   "We believe all children are precious in the sight of the Lord and He desires to have a personal relationship with each one of them. We want to be ambassadors of His light to each person the Lord places in our path."

   The team desires to be an example to young ladies; showing by their words and example, that we can worship the Lord, not just through dance, but by how we live our everyday lives. They want to inspire others to have an active and growing relationship with Jesus Christ that spills over onto all who come near. The subject of 'purity' is also very important and dear to the company's hearts. They want to encourage girls to save their hearts and their bodies for the one that God has for them, focusing this young time of their life on serving the Lord whole-heartedly.

   The Lord has placed the Japanese people on these young women's hearts in a very strong way. Each summer they have the opportunity to minister in Japan, working along side missionaries and ministries in several cities throughout the country. Through dance (a universal language) and speaking opportunities, the team spreads the gospel and tells about the hope they have in Christ. (Please click here to read more)
   CMA's dancers have been trained by Mikhael Murnane of Jerusalem Worship Dance, company members of Ballet Magnificat,  Jodi Weiss and other local and national ministers of dance. The team has been technically trained by Jeannine Belliston of Belliston Academy of Ballet in Littleton, Colorado and by other local classical ballet teachers. Most importantly the company is made up of young women who desire to worship God with all their hearts and express this passion through dance.

Company Members:
  • Tiffany Case
  • Erica (Breite) Bergfalk
  • Naomi Porter
  • Alyssa (Weiss) Robbins
  • Gwen Kennicutt
  • Hannah Krohn
  • Christine Rempel

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    "I appreciate the impact that CMA has had on my daughters, as they have imparted that same heart to offer not just songs but their whole being to God in worship."                   - Pastor Mark Weaver