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    Japan Tour Report
    ( updated 02/02/06 )

    Japan Updates through July 19th listed below.
    Designed by Kumiko Hayashi

    Designed by Marla Ayatsuka
    Japan Tour posters designed and printed by CMA Japan team and distributed throughout Japan.
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    Japan Update:
    July 19, 2005
    - from Japan !

    CMA Japan Tour Report and Prayer

    Praise the Lord !!! Finally, we had this day. Thank God that you have brought CMA to Japan to show your great glory. Thank you for supporting the dancers, as well as Char and Yumi for your great plan. Thank Lord that let them have safe trip from America. Thank you so much for reaching to Japan. Thank you for your blessing. Lord, your grace is so amazing. Please let us worship with great joy of Christ through CMA Japan tour.

    Char and Yumi Thank God for fellowship after CMA members reached to Narita Airport safely. We went to OMF Ichikawa. At the Ichikawa Station, we had a supper together. It was a nice and blessed fellowship. We ate Japanese noodle called Udon.  I took this picture of CMA tour liaison Char Kennicutt and Japan coordinator Yumi Yoneda. CMA is going to Kyushu  tomorrow. After the long flight and busy schedule for tour preparation, everybody looked tired, please pray for their health. Kyushu would be much hotter. Lord, please protect them in any circumstance. Holy Spirit please give us wisdom, humility, and obedience. Please fill us with great joy of the Lord during Japan tour. There are still specific needs for this tour. Lord you are our provider. Please prepare us the best. Thank you very much. May your will be done.

    May God bless you.

    With love in Jesus,

    Naomi Maruyama
    CMA Japan Prayer Coordinator

    Japan Update:

    July 18, 2005

    And we're off !!
    We are leaving for Japan in about 6 hours! It is hard to believe that it's here already. The Lord has been so good to us, and has guided our every step as we prepared for this trip.
    We thank God for His provisions thus far. Through the Lords mighty hand working in and through His people, we have raised over $30,000! Praise the Lord!!! A number like this seemed so big and unattainable in the beginning, but God was bigger! Thank you once again to each person who donated the time and money to help make this trip possible.
    CMA Clear Files, designed by Kumiko Hayashi While in Japan, we will be selling our CMA Japan shirts, CD's, and "Clear Files" (Clear plastic office folders, with a beautiful picture of Alyssa on the front and Tiffany and Erica on the back, with a verse in Japanese. These were designed by Kumiko Hayashi,
    one of our volunteers in Japan) Please stand in prayer with us, we are now trying to raise enough money to pay back expenses incurred, and to have enough money left over to reimburse the volunteers in Japan for their travel and expenses as they work to serve us. The Lord is good, and we know He will supply all our needs!
    We have a total of 20 performances set up while we are in Japan. These range from 2 dances in each service, to the most common 60-70min program, to our longest, a 90 minute production! Remember this is only 6 dancers, and some times we are split into two teams of three. As you can imagine this will be physically trying and some dancers are still working to get over prolonged injuries. Please pray for our health and strength as we minister in these next weeks. In each program, there will be 1 to 5 of us sharing our testimonies, pray that God will anoint our words and that lives will be changed!
    Keep watching for updates. If all goes as planned we will be feeding information home and will get it out to all of you, our CMA Japan family!
    Thank you again for your prayers they mean more than you know.
    Through us, may people see His power, life, and amazing love,
    His Servants,
    CMA Company Dancers

    Japan Update:

    June 14, 2005

    CMA Team at OMF Conference On May 28th - 30th CMA company members and Char Kennicutt went to an orientation with OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship), at the YMCA near Winter Park, CO. It was refreshing to spend time solely with God and each other, and to be completely surrounded by God's awesome creation!
    The weekend was full of meetings and lectures about team building, culture shock, relating to the people we meet, cultural awareness, and drawing closer in our personal relationship with the Lord while we are on the trip.
    We had the opportunity to meet many people who have incredible hearts! Hearts that are overflowing with love for the Lord and are willing to do anything to get that message to un-reached people. All of the people there are going to different parts of Asia this summer on short term missions. We were able to spend a lot of time with a young couple going to Japan. They are going to work with some full-time missionaries in Japan and are seeking God about the possibility of becoming full-time missionaries themselves! We will be able to see most of these people again on our way home from Japan, at debriefing with OMF. It will be awesome to share stories with each other, and see how the Lord worked in and through peoples lives this summer!
    We (CMA company) have been dancing at least once a week for the past month and a half, at churches and conferences. It has been a blessing to have the opportunity to share about our trip to Japan at these events and to get so much prayer support in return! Right now we are focused on our Dance Camp June 27th- July 1st. Please pray that God extends our time and energy, as we continue to work on Japan things in the midst of everything else!
    Thank you once again for being a part of our CMA Japan family. We are continuously blessed by your support and generosity! As each day brings us closer to our trip, we stand in awe of what God has already done, and we wait in anticipation of what His will do through us, in Japan!
    May We Bring Glory to His Name!
    Tiffany Case

    CMA Japan Tour 2005Japan Update:
    June 7, 2005

    Thank You to all the generous businesses and individuals who donated goods and services for our Silent Auction to help raise funds for our Japan Outreach Mission.
    View the list and links HERE.

    Japan Update:
    May 16, 2005

    We are 9 weeks away from our trip to Japan! The time is quickly approaching and we still have much to do!

    CMA's Company dancers are finishing up the class sessions and performances for their four school locations this month. They are also preparing for Summer Camp and dancing at numerous churches sharing about and promoting the Japan trip and all that God is doing with CMA. Please pray for extended time and energy as they walk through this busy time.

    We have several fundraising projects in the works.

    1)   We have "Japan Tour 2005" T-shirts for sale.
    2)   Many families took the time to bake delicious cookies for us to sell at our class performances.
    3)   Families are saving up all their spare change, in our special "CMA Japan change banks";
            it is amazing how the little things add up!
    4)      Thank you to all the families who contributed things for our garage sale, it was a success! Praise the Lord!

    The company has finished their first Japanese dance (in Japanese). It is a song called "The love of Jesus flows". They will be working on at least two more Japanese pieces this month. We are so excited to be able to present dances that will impact the people in Japan, with the movement, expression and the words of the song all at the same time! The dances we present in English will have an interpretation, whether on a screen, on paper, or verbally.

    We are currently getting in touch with all our churches and venues in Japan, working on details about space, time allotted, testimonies, etc. It has been a learning experience for the U.S. and Japan team as we work together from completely different cultural backgrounds.

    The CMA Japan team will be hosting a benefit concert on May 20th at South Fellowship, in Littleton at 7:00pm. (MAP) The company dancers will be presenting numerous dances from their repertoire plus their new Japanese dances. There will be a missionary coming to share that night who lived in Japan for many years. A silent auction will be held where people can bid on dozens of items - from a basket of books, a retreat for two, or even a flight in a hot air balloon... and in turn they will be supporting the Japan trip! It is going to be an incredible night! If you would like more information about the concert please contact us. 

    Thank you to all of you who have contributed your time, finances and your prayers!
    We feel blessed to have you as part of our team.

    We met our May 15th goal of $14,000. GLORY TO GOD!!
    Follow our fundraising progress on our "Fund Meter".

    Japan Update:
    April 15, 2005

    The Word
    "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold new things have come. Now all these things are from God, who reconciled US to Himself through Christ, and gave US the ministry of reconciliation, namely, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and He has committed to US the word of reconciliation. Therefore, WE are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through US." ( II Cor. 5:17-20 )

    Chushoku Working on testimonies, spreading the vision, baking cookies, spring cleaning, dancing in churches, brainstorming fund raising ideas, talking to CMA Japan people over the internet, baking cookies, designing T-Shirts, exercising our faith muscles, learning how to say "no" in Japanese (among other things), encouraging one another daily, baking cookies, feeling weary and overwhelmed at times, rounding up items for our silent auction, choreographing new music, getting ready for the HUGE garage sale, dreaming about Japan, finishing up the Spring CMA sessions, preparing for Summer Camp, trusting God to meet each and every need, baking cookies, thinking about eating fish every day, communicating with prayer and financial supporters, getting our physicals done and finding out our blood types (Ouch!), teaching our regular classes, chatting with Yumi in Japan on the telephone, realizing that God will give strength and grace for each day, trying to get the hang of using chopsticks, remembering why we are going and being so thankful that we can be instruments of His love and grace and messengers of His salvation.

    With three months to go before we leave for Japan, we are heavy into preparations for the trip scheduled July 18-August 12. We are grateful for so many of you coming alongside and standing with us, through a variety of means. We are looking for more people to join our support team in the next few months. Our estimated budget for the trip has gone up, due to higher airfare costs. We are now looking at $4,240.00 per person, please pray with us for this extra amount. We have a long way to go before we reach our financial goal and would appreciate your prayers.

    Thank you,

    CMA Team

    "anata no tame ni inori masu" = I pray for you

    Japan Update:
    April 8, 2005

    Praise the Lord!

    Everything is growing so fast, as we prepare for this summer's Japan trip. The number in Japan has grown to 30 people who are working to make this ministry opportunity a reality! Our group in Japan look at our three week visit, not as a fun, temporary ministry tour, but as something that will have a great impact on their people, with long lasting results. Through our presence in Japan and the new Japanese website they have designed (, they are praying for much interest and many questions that will give them the opportunity to lead people to Christ and encourage believers who have no Christian fellowship.

    This trip is so much bigger than the company dancers! It is our whole CMA family here in Colorado, all drawing together to make it possible to send part of this ministry to a spiritually needy people. It is people in Japan joining our team for the first time, so that they may see their families and loved ones come into a deeper relationship with the Lord. There are many churches and organizations joining up to be a part of what God is doing through CMA Japan.

    The Lord is already changing and blessing the lives of the CMA workers in Japan, even in this time of preparation. I can't wait to see what happens when we are actually there!

    Please pray for the team in Japan as they continue to work with cities and churches, setting up venues and preparing for our arrival. Pray for our company of dancers as we prepare our regular dances, as well as our Japanese dances! Pray that through our choreography and expressions, to a language we don't understand, we would be able to share the power and love of Christ with these people.

    Domo arigato gozaimasu (Thank you very much),


    イエス・キリストは主です = Jesus Christ is Lord

    Japan Update:
    March 7, 2005


    We would like to give you an update on what God is doing with CMA and Japan!

    CMA's Company dancers will be traveling to Japan this summer, July 17th through August 12th. We will be traveling to different parts of Japan, ministering in dance and sharing our testimonies. We will be in Japan for 23 days and already have 19 engagements set up! God is so good, He continues to amaze us by doing far more than we could have ever dreamed! We will be ministering in Fukuoka at high schools. In Aichi we will be at churches, a festival and at a theater we will be renting. We will go to Gifu for a youth camp and kids fest. In Nagano, dancing at churches, in Toyohashi at a theater, in Yokohama a festival, and in Tokyo a Baptist church.

    In addition to the people working here in the States, there is also a team of 15 people working in Japan right now to help make this all possible. One of their desires is to see a ministry like CMA started in their country. Please pray with us as we embark on this new adventure. We have much work to be done in the next four months! We will be relying heavily upon the Lord, who we know will supply all our needs, guide our every step and cause everything to fall into place according to his Glory.

    Please watch for a note in the next few weeks that will tell how you can become a part of what the Lord is doing in Japan through CMA’s company and you the CMA family!

    Domo arigato (Thank you very much!)

    CMA Company

    Chi - fu - an - i - Tiffany ( Case )
    Na-O-mi - Naomi
    Eh-ri-ka - Erica
    Me-ri-sa - Melissa
    Ah-ri-sa - Alyssa
    Ku-ri-su - Crystal

    Worship God in the Dance

    Japan Update:
    February 15, 2005

    We are constantly in awe of our amazing Lord, who does far more than we could ever imagine! God is continuing to open new doors for CMA and we feel privileged to follow. We are very excited to tell you about our newest ministry opportunity. This July the CMA company dancers will all be traveling to Japan for three weeks for an incredible outreach opportunity. We will be traveling with OMF (Overseas Ministry Fellowship International), a missions group originally founded by Hudson Taylor. We will be a part of 200+ young adults going out with OMF this summer. The six of us will be traveling as a company with Char Kennicutt (a long time CMA mom) who will be serving as our coordinator/liaison.

    All the planning is still in the beginning stages and we are overwhelmed, in a good way, by all the possibilities! We will be creating a worship dance program (or two!) using worship songs from the U.S. and Japan. We will have the opportunity to dance in churches, schools and what ever other venue the Lord opens up for us! We sent a video of some of our company pieces to our contact in Japan. She is taking it to churches to see who would like us to come and minister with them. Please pray God would move upon the hearts of the leaders and open doors to the places He wants us to go.

    We are also very excited about another possible opportunity, the chance to share with young girls about purity, emotionally and physically. As you may or may not know, CMA company members have very strong convictions about staying pure and whole heartedly waiting for the one God has for you. So as you can imagine we are elated with the thought of being able to share our hearts, and God’s heart, with girls thousands of miles away.

    Please be in prayer for our team as we prepare in these following months for this opportunity to use dance, a universal language, to open doors for proclaiming the gospel. Keep watching for “Japan Updates”. Also watch for a benefit concert that will take place later in the spring. We will continue to trust God to supply all our needs, financially, physically and spiritually.

    Thank you so much for your time in reading this letter. We hope it excites you and draws you into wonder of all the things that are possible with Christ!

    Tiffany Case
    Director, Celebration Ministry of Arts