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Worship the King
Each Worship Dance class includes some aspect of the following elements:

  • Basic Ballet Technique -
    • - A portion of the class is devoted to learning fundamental ballet positions & steps
  • Interpretive Movement -
    • - This element involves learning to express the lyrics through facial expressions and movements. Dramatic expression is one of the most powerful ways to relay a message. In this way, the song's meaning can have a greater impact.
  • Free Dance -
    • - Many times in scripture, people used dance as a means of personal praise & worship. We encourage students to follow their example by giving them the opportunity to use the steps they have learned to personally express their love for the Lord.
  • Israeli Folk Dance -
    • - Traditionally this type of dance has been primarily used for celebrations. These steps are sometimes incorporated into class time and choreography.
  • Devotions -
    • - We believe that an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father is the first step to ministry, and therefore we devote a portion of class to Bible study, discussion and prayer.
  • Choreography -
    • - Every Worship Dance class will learn a dance for the presentation at the end of the session.

The above elements are very important to each class. Yet, our main focus remains on teaching our students to express their love for the Father through movement and dance.


Worship Dance I
- Ages 3-5

- Divided into classes by age

Worship Dance II - Ages 6-8

Worship Dance III - Ages 9-12
- Because of class sizes, this class is often divided into A, B & C levels according to age, worship & technical ability.

Worship Dance IV - Ages 12 & up
- No previous dance experience is required.

Worship Dance V - Ages 12 & up
- Ballet Class is required.  (By teacher appointment only.)

Worship Dance VI - Ages 12 & up (Intermediate 1)
- Ballet Class is required.  (By teacher appointment only.)

Worship Dance VII - Ages 12 & up (Intermediate 2)
- Ballet Class is required.  (By teacher appointment only.)

Worship Dance VIII - for Advanced students
- Ballet Class is required.  (By teacher appointment only.)

Worship Dance A - Adult class
- No previous dance experience is required.

Technical Ballet Class  - Ages 6 & up
- This class is for any student who desires to excel further in technical dance ability and is offered to all students ages 6 & up. Students will acquire a basic knowledge of ballet terminology and body positions.  Class will involve barre exercise, center, and across the floor. Emphasis will be on flexibility, coordination and technique. Ballet classes are divided into A, B, C, D & E levels according to age & technical ability.
- For students ages 12 & up, an hour long class is available. 
All students in Worship Dance VI & VIII are required to take this class.

Dress Code:

*Girls - Black Leggings (sweat pants or workout pants) with a T-shirt and pink ballet shoes.
Younger students may wear leotards and tights if they wish.
Hair should be pulled up in a bun or secured tightly in a clip.

*Boys: Black pants, a T-shirt and white ballet shoes.

There is a costume required for the concert. 
Patterns and instructions will be available the first day of class. 

- If you need to replace a lost pattern, you may go >>HERE<<

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Photos of Class Work and Performances are available in our Photo Gallery

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