CMA Fall Session 2017 - Registration Form

One Student per form. Please PRINT legibly.

Student Name: _________________________________

____   Birth Date: ___________________

Male     Female

Parent's Name: ________________________________ 

Address: ______________________________________

City:____________________ St:_____ Zip:__________

Main Phone: ___________________________

Emergency Phone: _____________________

Email: _________________________________

Choose Class Location:
     Littleton Ft. Collins

Worship Dance: Level: _________ Time:__________  
Ballet: Level: _________ Time:__________  

I, the student, commit  to participate in the
   Dress Rehearsal and Entire Performance(s).
Yes No 

I have enclosed the following amount: 
                 Check #  __________         $ ____________

Save $5 by mailing this form in before classes start.

I will pay with Credit Card the first day of classes
Celebration Ministry of Arts
Dance Class Rules
  • By check marking the "yes" to the performance(s), I commit to be there for the dress rehearsal and participate in my dance and the finale piece. If I need to drop out for any reason, I will notify the CMA office staff immediately.
  • Arrive on time, enter the designated entrance, and remain in the assigned area. Do not go to other parts of the church facility.
  • Do not bring orange, red or grape sodas or cheesy snacks.  Always clean up your area.
  • Do not run in the building. Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Drinks and bathroom breaks are by teacher permission only. Listen to your instructor. No talking while the teacher is talking
  • No chewing gum or food during class.
  • Follow CMA’s designated dress code.
  • Do not speak negatively about anyone and show respect for all teachers, students, and parents.
  • Do everything with all your heart as unto the Lord!  Colossians 3:17
Student’s Name: _______________________ Age: _______ Date:_______________

I understand and acknowledge the rules of CMA and agree to follow them. I also understand and acknowledge that if I break these rules I will receive one warning and my parents will be notified. I recognize that further infractions will jeopardize my continued participation in CMA activities. I understand and acknowledge that dance is an intense physical activity that entails the possibility of personal physical injury. By signing this agreement, I agree to hold harmless South Fellowship, Summitview Community Church, New Life Community Church and Celebration Ministry of Arts Inc. of any legal liability for any injury or accident directly resulting from participation in CMA activities.

PARENT SIGNATURE (if under 18)


  Print this page, fill out the form completely and mail with payment to:
P.O. Box 631939
Littleton, CO  80163-1939

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