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CMA Japan Mission Log
July 2 - August 10, 2016

 日 本語

Please join us in our ministry to Japan.
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Japan Team

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CMA In Kitakyushu
Day 1 thru 7:
July 2 - 9, 2016

We are having an amazing time here with our dear friends the Ayatsukas and their missionary partners the Camps. Such a joy to be a part of the work they are doing here in Japan. Thankfully we were able to rest the first few days we were here. Then we attended ASK and BFF (description below the pictures), spending time building relationships people we met before, and starting new ones.

Starting last Tuesday, we have had a very busy schedule! We have been dancing and speaking multiple times a day. Some people have invited us over to their homes for lunch, and we have been able to show them the love of Jesus.

We have put stories and pictures from our week below!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us, and thank you for your patience in receiving this update!

Seeking our Father,
Abby, Katrina and Tiffany

ASK (After School Klub) is a ministry started by Rocky and Marla Ayatsuka that reaches out to kids ages preschool - elementary. This is an opportunity for the kids to hear Bible stories, as well as learning English. We get to love on the kids, and play with them. Some of their parents sit in on the class time, which means they're hearing about the Lord too! We LOVE being a part of this time.

Prayer Requests:

- Tomorrow we have a big day. We will have a kids workshop in the daytime, and a performance at night. This is an amazing outreach opportunity. Please pray that as we prepare, that we will be listening to the Holy Spirit, saying and doing what HE wants us to do!

-Our bodies are very tired after this week, so please pray that we will be refreshed physically, being ready to do what the Lord has called us to do. We know He will give us strength.

-Pray that the people we will encounter in the next few days will see Jesus, and that they will want to give their whole lives to Him.

BFF (Bible Family Fellowship) is Rocky and Marla's home church. It has been growing significantly these past couple of years. Praise Jesus!

We know God has big plans for this trip. We are savoring every moment of His work in the lives of the people our hearts love so much.

"Last year I made a little friend. My heart fell in love with her, and even though we couldn't really speak to each other, we become good buddies. I didn't know if she'd remember me a year later, but when she walked into ASK and saw me, she had a big smile on her face. She wanted me to sit by her, hold her hand, and give her piggyback rides. Her family attended church last Saturday, which I was excited about because some people in her family don't know Jesus... ...yet!
I'm praying that Jesus will do a work in their hearts.
One phrase that Jesus has been speaking to me about Japan is 'They were created for freedom'.  That is my heart's desire for my people... freedom." 
- Abigail

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