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    CMA Team - Japan 2015

    This is a very exciting summer for CMA! The Lord is calling us back to Japan for the 11th consecutive summer! We first ministered in Japan during the summer of 2005. Back then we had no idea that God would allow us to build so many long lasting relationships and that He would continue to call us back year after year! Our Heavenly Father has placed a burden in our hearts for the Japanese to come to know their Savior, the One who loved them enough to die for them. As each year passes, our passion grows stronger and stronger, longing for this nation to know the hope that lies within us. We are longing for them to know Jesus!

    This summer we are traveling as a team of 5! Our team members are; Abigail Case, Tiffany Case, Charissa Petree, Naomi Rivera, and Katrina White. We will be leaving for Japan on July 2nd and will be ministering in the cities of KitaKyushu, Aira, Izumi and Kirishima (all in the lower island of Kyushu). We will have the opportunity to work with churches, missionaries, high schools, universities, kindergartens and outreach events. We will be using our dance, testimonies, teaching, serving and relationship building to tell of Jesus' incredible love.
    The theme, or focus, that God has given us for this trip is, "abundant Life". We want to tell of the abundant, あふれるいのちoverflowing life, that Jesus has given us. We want to tell of His great love that is beyond our understanding and the way Jesus desires ALL to come to him and find new life!

    Please be in prayer for our team as we are preparing, planning and coordinating between Japan and the US. Pray that He would lead us to the places He wants us and that we would be used mightily for Him this summer! We also need prayer for our finances as each of our team members work to raise $2,700 each, (that is $13,500 total!) plus we would like extra so that we can give to ministries in Japan. If you are interested in helping us financially or hearing more about the trip, you can talk with one of us, or email us at or Donate Online.Donate

    Stay tuned for more information about CMA Japan 2015, our itinerary, and how you can be involved!

    CMA Japan 2015 Minisry Team
    2015 Ministry Team
    Tiffany Case, Naomi Rivera, Abigail Case, Charissa Petree, Katrina White

    Watch a Highlight Video from our 2014 trip

    2015 Mission Schedule:

    - Remember, Japan is 15 hours ahead of Colorado
    - If you pray a day early, you will be right on time!

    July 2nd - Leave Colorado

    July 3rd - Arrive in KitaKyushu (Rocky & Marla Ayatsuka, Aroma Ministries)
    *Click images to enlarge

    July 4th - Attend BFF church service

    July 5th
    - Baiko Samaritan Worship Dance & Testimony
    Kids 10:30, Adults 14:00

    July 8th - Baiko University chapel service - 20min dance /testimony

    July 9th - Senan Jo Jr High/High School - 30min Dance/Testimony

    July 10th - ASK After School Club 16:30-18:30

    July 11th - Day long dance workshop
    - Evening 80min performance/testimony and students dance

    July 14th - 21st - City: Aira, Kagoshima
    Contact: Danielle and Takuya Kajihara

    July 21st - 27th - City: Izumi Shi, Kagoshima Ken  
    - 3 day children's camp - 22nd-24th
    Contact: Tom & Paula Carr

    July 31st - Aug 3rd - City: Kokubu, Kagoshima
    Contact: Tim Board
    Aug. 1st  - Workshop from 1 pm to 3 pm,
                    - Performance with students at 5pm

    Aug 2nd - Testimonies and dances in the Sunday morning service

    More Details to come...

    Map of Japan    Kyushu Ministry Locations
    Maps of Ministry Locations
    Click Image to Enlargs

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