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    Mission Log
    Follow our steps in Japan
    July 4 - August 1, 2013
     Read our Mission Log and see photos.*Available in both English and 日本語 
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    (Latest Entry posted: 8/2/2013)

    CMA Team - Japan 2013
       We are excited to announce that CMA will be traveling to minister in Japan for the 9th consecutive summer! God has placed a burden in our hearts for the Japanese to come to know their Savior, the One who loved them enough to die for them. As each year passes, our passion grows stronger and stronger, longing for this nation to know the hope that lies within us. Longing for them to know Jesus.
       Over the past 8 years we have taken mainly CMA company dancers. This year God had something different in mind! The Lord placed specific CMA students and teachers on our hearts, the team He wanted for this summer! Tiffany Case and Katrina White will be leading a team of 8; Breanne Lane, Christine Richard, Spenser Sikkema, Daviah Sikkema, Emmye Wright and Abigail Case. For 5 of them, this will be their first time to Japan and we are looking forward to every moment of training, discipling and preparing them for all the Lord is going to do this year!
    We will be heading to Japan in July, for 4 weeks, ministering in the cities of Kitakyushu, Hakata, Hiroshima, Nara, Nagoya, Yokohama and Kakegawa. We will have the opportunity to work with churches, missionaries, high schools, kindergartens and outreach events. We will be using our dance, testimonies, teaching, serving and relationship building to tell of Jesus’ incredible love.
        Please be in prayer for our team as we are preparing, planning and coordinating between Japan and the US. Pray that He would lead us to the places He wants us and that we would be used mightily for Him this summer! We also need prayer for our finances as each of our team members work to raise $2,500 each (that is $20,000 total!!). If you are interested in helping us financially or hearing more about the trip, you can talk with one of us, or email us at or Donate Online.

       Stay tuned for more information about CMA Japan 2013, our itinerary, and how you can be involved!

    This year's ministry team:
    CMA Japan 2013 Team

    Tiffany Case, Katrina White, Breanne Lane, Christine Richard, Spenser Sikkema, Daviah Sikkema, Emmye Wright and Abigail Case
    Tiffany Case
    Katrina White
    Breanne Lane
    Christine Richard Spenser Sikkema Daviah Sikkema
    Emmye Wright
    Abigail Case

    New Watch Highlight Videos from our previous trips to Japan 
    * 7 videos from 2006 - 2012

    NewMap 2013 Mission Map (Click to open .pdf)

    2013 Mission Schedule:
        - Remember, Japan is 15 hours ahead of Colorado
            - If you pray a day early, you will be right on time!

    July 3rd – Depart Denver, CO
    Hamilton FamilyJuly 4th – Arrive, Kitakyushu

      July 6th-7th – Hakata, Fukuoka
        Hakata New Life Church
        Contact: Naomi Hamilton


          -  7th year working with this Church
    See Mission Log Update # 1
    >Photos from Hakata< photos

    July 7th-13th – Kitakyushu
        Aroma Ministries
         *Friday, July 12th - 7:00pm
           - Concert at Kitakyushu Christ Church in Tobata  CMA ワーシップ・ダンス・コンサート
              CMA Kitakyushu Poster   (click to enlarge)

        Contact – Rocky and Marla Ayatsuka

            - 9th year working with this ministry

    See Mission Log Update # 2
    Pastor Lee
    July 13th-17th – Hiroshima
       Hiroshima Daiichi Church 
       Contact: Pastor Lee Sang Hoon (Korean Missionaries)

       *13th - Children's ballet class
    *14th - 2:00-3:00pm ballet performance at Daiichi Church
    *15th - 12:00pm ballet performance at Hiroshima Hukuinn Church
    (Revival meetings - Pastor Kato)
    *16th - Sightseeing

       - 5th year working with this Church

    See Mission Log Update # 3 & 4
    >Photos from Hiroshima< photos

    Bostrom Family
    July 17th-19th
    Kakegawa, Shizuoka    NEW!
        Sakuragi Christian Center -
        Kakegawa International Christian School -

    - Dance Camp & evening performance

                 Kakegawa Poster  (click to enlarge)

        Contact - Paul & Cheryl Bostrom

        - 1st time
    working with this Church

    See Mission Log Update # 5
    >Photos from Kakegawa< photos

    Pastor Kitani

    July 19th- 23rd – Nara     NEW!
        Agape Family Church

        Contact - Pastor Naoya and Naomi Kitani
    - Gifted in praise & worship.
    - Has written several worship songs that are sung in many churches across Japan.

        - 1st time working with this Church

    See Mission Log Update # 6
    >Photos from Nara< photos


    July 23rd – 25th – Hongodai, Yokohama
        Hongodai Christ Church 

        *24th - Dance Concert (Yokohama Hongodai Christ Church)

        Contact: Chisako Suzuki

            (Chisako came to Colorado to train with CMA in the fall of 2009)

            - 3rd time to work with this church
    See Mission Log Update # 7
    >Photos from Yokohama< photos
    Yumi Yoneda 米田由美
    July 25th – July 31st – Nagoya
        Contact – Yumi Yoneda  米田由美

    *25th - 27th - Prayer meeting at church, sightseeing, fellowship with host families

    *28th - Nagoya Budonoki International Church - testimonies

    *29th - K Ballet Studio Kitai Special program:
    Teaching and performance (Adults & children)

    *30th - Sawada Ballet Studio Special program:
    Teaching and performance (Kindergarten & teens)
    - Move to the Nagakute Community Center
    [Kids Brown Budonoki English class] - English lesson and performance
    - Sawada Ballet studio: general ballet lesson

    *31st - Nagakute Cultural House, exhibit room
    Workshop, ticketed performance, testimonies

    Flier for Nagoya performance    Ticket for Nagoya performance (click images to enlarge)

    In 2005 Yumi Yoneda co-ordinated CMA’s first Japan Tour.
    - She organized all aspects of the tour in Japan: recruited CMA Japan Support Team, contacted churches & returnees; arranged venues, travel, home-stays, printing; coordinated communication between US and Japan teams, traveled with us and much more. Thank you Yumi!

    She previously lived in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and worked with
    Japanese Christian Fellowship Network (JCFN).  Now l
    ives in: Nagoya, Japan
    Yumi’s husband, Hiroshi Yoneda, is a musician (we danced to one of his songs - "The Truth of Jesus")
    - He ministered with us at the Dance & Gospel Festival in Yokohama
    - Hiroshi’s Website:

    Aug 1st – FLY HOME to COLORADO

    Watch for updates.

    We feed information and photos home for our Mission Log Updates and will get it out to all of you, our CMA Japan family!

    >SUBSCRIBE<  to our PrayerMail & Mission Log mailing list and receive regular updates from Japan.

    Mission Log

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