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July 3 - August 9, 2011

Tiffany Case
Naomi Porter
Erica Bergfalk
Hannah Krohn
Katrina White
Christine Rempel
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Day 8 - 13:
July 11th-16th, 2011

Konichiwa Minasan (Hello everyone),

We have had an awesome week here in Kitakyushu. We arrived on Monday and we are leaving tomorrow (Saturday). It feels like such a short stay here and we are sad to go. We have worked with Rocky and Marla Ayatsuka every year for the past 7 years. We have grown very close over the years. They are very dear to us and serving the Lord side by side is incredible! We have so enjoyed living at their house, playing with their 2 sweet little ones, having fun and talking about our Jesus. Rocky and Marla are such an encouragement to us, they inspire us to walk closer and follow hard after the Lord. Here are some of the things we did this week:
Seinan University
"Both Tuesday and Thursday we had the privilege of dancing and speaking for several chapel services at Seinan University. We have worked with these schools (junior high through high-school) for multiple years now, and it was a blessing to be with them again. Naomi and Katrina shared testimonies about how God uses brokenness in our lives to show us himself and how he is not only our Savior, but also our father, and then we shared several dances as well.

Seinan University

Being there was a really good reminder to me of God's faithfulness. Two years ago at that same school, I was in the midst of the worst week of migraines I've ever had. I spent most of rehearsals curled up into a ball on the side of the stage, and in between songs backstage I could usually be found in a similar position. I can honestly say I've never felt so weak. But every time I needed to dance, He would give me the strength to stand up and go do it. I could hardly walk a straight line most of the time, but when I was glorifying him, he gave me more than I needed. His faithfulness was certainly true of the whole trip, but being at this particular school was especially meaningful.

This year, one of the dances we did at the longer performances was to the song "You Are My Hiding Place." The lyrics talk about how God is our refuge, and how when we trust in him, he fills us with so much joy. It has felt like "my song" for the trip, as God reminds me that trusting in his plans and character is the only way to live.

Please keep this school in your prayers. They need healthy Christian leadership, especially over their chapels and religious classes. Pray that God will bring the right people to the school who would nourish and be an example of to the students of what a true walk with God looks like." - Hannah

"We had the wonderful opportunity to dance and teach at two Kindergartens this week. Marla and Rocky taught a short English lesson, Tiffany taught the kids a short ballet lesson (which they loved!), and then we performed "My Savior, My God". It is such a joy to see their small faces light up when we walk in the school. One of the Kindergarten's was Christian run and the other was not a Christian school. This means that most or all of the staff members do not know Jesus. This was an opportunity for us to minister not only to the kids but to the teachers and staff as well. We pray that many seeds were planted in their hearts! At the second school (really more of a day care as the kids were from 6 mo. to 6 years old) the students performed an impressive drum routine. They were all dressed in matching robes with headbands reminiscent of Karate Kid. We were so amazed that 5 and 6 year olds could stay on rhythm and be so together! The drum routine is a traditional part of the Obon festival and has its roots in Shintoism. Many Japanese view this as a cultural event rather than a religious one, but originally it was believed that the drums helped call back the spirits of their ancestors. Please continue to pray that the Japanese people would come to know Jesus as the only Way, Truth and Life!" - Naomi


CavesOn one of our days off Rocky, Marla, Hana and Kai (their children) and Shuhei took us to an amazingly beautiful place. (Shuhei ministers with Rocky and was so kind to drive us every day this week!) They drove us to these amazing caves where we walked through, ducking under rocks, walking through water and weaving through this amazing piece of God's creation. The mountain was covered in green trees and bushes, bamboo with sunlight streaming through, flowers, and clouds resting gently in the valleys. After our cave exploring adventures we had a photo shoot with Rocky. It was an amazing experience to worship and dance in the midst of the Lord's beautiful creation! I was reminded again of God's, power, love, creativity, attention to detail and the way He provides for our every need.

Photo shoot with RockyPhoto shoot with Rocky
Photo shoot with RockyPhoto shoot with Rocky

CafeToday (Friday) we were able to get some good rest time this morning. Then this afternoon we went to "Café". This is an outreach at Rocky and Marla's church. They hold English classes and have coffee and sweets. They use this to draw new people into the church and then draw them to Jesus! We were able to talk to some non-Christian mothers and love on their children. One special moment was praying with a lady who does not know the Lord. She was invited by a friend to come meet us, she came in just before we had to leave. We talked with her briefly and she told us (almost in tears) that it had been a really hard day. We told her we would be praying for her. I felt the Lord saying, "Don't just pray later, pray now." So I asked her, "can we pray for you right now?". She said yes, so I prayed for peace and rest. I asked God to show her how much He loves and treasures her and that she would come to know Him. I found out after we left that as we were praying for this lady, a group of young unsaved children asked, "what are they doing?". Erica and one of the church ladies were able to explain to them that we were talking to God and asking Him to help this lady. Marla said that us stopping to pray right in the middle of the room, left an impression on those children. We later heard that our words had really blessed the lady we were praying for. Please be praying for her and the Christian friend who is reaching out to her. God us tugging on her heart. Pray that she would let her walls down, that God would soften her heart, and that she would VERY soon come to know Him!

Tomorrow (Saturday) morning we say goodbye to our dear Kitakyushu family and travel by train, about 4 hours, to Miyakonojo. We will have limited internet access for the rest of our trip, but we will try to get updates out when we can! Please pray for Rocky, Marla and family as they travel to do ministry after dropping us at the train station. They are entering into a VERY busy ministry season. Please ask our Heavenly Father to give them strength, safety, wisdom, healthy bodies, and abundant joy as they follow where He leads.

Serving a Mighty King,

Tiffany and CMA Japan 2011 Team

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