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    Mission Log
    Follow our steps in Japan
    July 1 - August 9, 2010
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    (Latest Entry posted: 8/08/10)

    CMA Returns to Japan

    We are excited to announce that CMA will be traveling to minister in Japan for the 6th consecutive summer! Our first missions trip to Japan in 2005 was done out of obedience, going where the Lord told us to go, Japan. During that first trip we began to see first hand the desperate need for Jesus Christ in Japan. We saw and heard of the heartache and complete hopelessness that leads to self inflicted pain and even death. We saw loneliness in beautiful faces, that were looking to be filled and sustained by stone statues and empty gods. Our hearts broke and the Lord began to place a burden in us for the Japanese to come to know their Lord and Savior, the One who loved them enough to die for them. With each year that passes, our passion grows stronger and stronger, longing for this nation to know the hope that lies within us. Longing for them to know Jesus.

    This July-August we have the opportunity once again to spread true hope, life, truth and joy in Japan! This year’s ministry team will be, Tiffany Case, Gwen Kennicutt and Christine Rempel. God has placed a smaller team together this year and we are excited to see what he has in store for us! We are now working on setting up and planning our events for this month long missions trip. Currently we will be ministering in the cities of Yokohama, Kagoshima, Fukuoka, and Kita-Kyushu (with other locations still pending). We will be holding workshops for children to adults, teaching dance and telling why we worship our wonderful Lord. We will hold concerts sharing God’s Word through dance and personal testimonies. We also have the opportunity to speak to young girls about purity and saving themselves completely for the one God has for them.

    Please be in prayer for our team as we are preparing, planning and coordinating between Japan and the US. Pray that He would lead us to the places He wants us and that we would be used mightily for Him this summer! We also need prayer for our finances as each of our team members work to raise the money needed for this trip. If you are interested in helping us financially you can talk with one of us, or email us.

    Watch a Highlight Video from our 2009 trip

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    This year's ministry team:

    Tiffany Case

    Gwen Kennicutt
    Gwen Kennicutt

    Christine Rempel
    Christine Rempel

    (Click photo above to read more on our Bio page)

    2010 Mission Schedule:

        - Remember, Japan is 15 hours ahead of Colorado
            - If you pray a day early, you will be right on time!

    July 1st - Leave from Denver, Colorado

    Chisako SuzukiJuly 2nd - 8th - Yokohama
        Hongodai Christ Church
        Contact: Chisako Suzuki
            (Chisako came to Colorado to train with CMA in the fall of '09)
            - 1st time to work with this church
    7/2 (Fri)   ARRIVE  - Fly into Narita Airport

    7/3 (Sat)  PEFORMANCE at Hongodai train station
            – Huge Outreach Opportunity!

        - Start at 17:00 (5pm) to 18:00 (6pm) - Dance/Speak

    7/4 (Sun)  WORSHIP SERVICE
        11:00 (15~20 minutes) Dance/Speak
        14:30 Youth Service / Testimony during service
        16:00  Concert after Youth Service ( 30 minutes) Dance/Speak

    7/5 (Mon)    PERFORMANCE at Yajima kindergarten
        - For non-Christian children and their parents
        - Dance/speak/teach/play with children
    7/6 (Tue)    PERFORMANCE at Diamond Chapel 
            - Join with their church's afternoon Outreach for non-christians.

        - 11:30am (30min) Dance/Speak
        DANCE  WORKSHOP at Crystal Chapel  (2 hours)
             - for Christian kids and youth members
        - 16:00  (age 5~9)
        - 17:00  (age 11 & up)

    7/7 (Wed)  Noah Kindergarten & Noah International School in Crystal Chapel (One of Their Church buildings)
            - For Christian kids and students
        - 9:30~10:15    Small dance concert including workshop for little kids
        - 10:50~12:10   Noah International School - Dance and speak (30 min)
    Have lunch with the children
        - 13:20~  Spend with students from a Japanese culture class
        - 14:20~  Spend with high school students (detail to come) 
    7/9 (Fri)           Leave Yokohama - Travel to Fukuoka      

    Hamilton FamilyJuly 9th - 16th - Fukuoka
        Hakata New Life Church
        Contact: Hamilton Family
          -  4th year working with this Church
    July 10th Saturday  - Arrive
        - Rest and go check out space at the hospital for the following day's performance.

    July 11th Sunday
        - 10:30 - 12:00 - Hakata New Life
            - Sunday special gospel dance service by CMA

        - 2:20 - 2:50  (Genuine) Christian Hospital
            - Dance/Speak (30 min) for their "Health Fair"

                - New event and contacts!

    July 12th Monday
        - Rest

    Hakata CMA PosterJuly 13th Tuesday
        - 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Dance workshop at Hakata New Life Church
    - Click Poster to enlarge -->
    July 14th Wednesday
        - 8:30 -8:45 a.m. Christian Junior High/High school chapel time performance.
        - 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. Witness and teach at Christian University's English class.
        - 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Continued from previous day - Dance workshop at church

    July 15th Thursday
    - 6:00- 7:30 p.m. Continued from previous day - Dance workshop at church/mini-performance
    July 16th Friday – Leave - Travel to Kitakyushu

    Ayatsuka FamilyJuly 17-19th - Kitakyushu
        Aroma Ministries   
        Contact: Rocky and Marla Ayatsuka
            - 6th year working with this ministry 

       - Rest and prepare for the next leg of our mission

       - Dance & share testimmonies on Sunday (18th) at Tomino Baptist Church

       - Leave Monday
    (19th) and take a train down to Kagoshima

    Tim Board and Yuji with CMA team in 2009July 20th-23rd -  Kirishima city, Kagoshima Prefecture
        Kokubu Baptist Church
        Contact: Tim Board
          - 2nd time working with this church
    July 20th  - Travel to Kirishima

    July 21st – Rest

    July 22nd - Special
    evening service
        - Dance/Testimonies

    July 23rd – Leave – Travel to Miyakonojo, Kagoshima

    Chris Sadowitz familyJuly 23rd-30th - Miyakonojo, Kagoshima
        Miyakonojo Christian Center
        Contact: Chris and Donna Sadowitz
           - 2nd time working with this church
    7/23 – Arrive
    7/24  - Help with preparations for Vacation Bible School
    7/25  Sunday - Dance and Testimony in the morning service and Joy club
    7/26-7/30 Monday to Friday - VBS for grades 1-6  from 9:30-5:30 
        - During the week, each day we will be:
            - Helping prepare snacks for snack time
            - Teaching a short English class, interactive dance time or craft time
            - Helping with games
        - 5:30 VBS ends
            - Help make dinner for pastor’s family and about 10-12 teenagers.
        - 6:30-8:30  - VBS for teenagers -
            - During this time we will share a testimonies about how to walk with Christ and grow in Him,
            (about 15 minutes and maybe some interactive dance times)
    7/31 – Leave – Travel back up to Kitakyushu on Shinkansen (bullet train)

    Kitakyushu Performance - August 1, 2010July 31st - Aug 5th - Kitakyushu
        Aroma Ministries   
        Contact: Rocky and Marla Ayatsuka
            - 6th year working with this ministry
    - Click poster to enlarge -->
    8/1 Concert in the evening at Rocky's parents' church (instead of Well Tobata) (See concert poster)
         - Use part of this day to decorate the church for summer school

    Ayatsuka Family8/2 thru 8/4 - Summer school each day (See "Super Heroes" program)
    8/2  Evening "Purity Seminar" – Mostly girls from their church

    8/3  Evening at an International college students fellowship
        - eat together and then dance & testimonies (most students are not Christians)

    8/4  Evening - "Recital" from summer school where the kids show what they learned at summer school to their families, and then we'll all eat together.
        - (CMA - a dance or two)

    Pastor Lee's FamilyAug 6th - 8th - Hiroshima
       Daiich Church  
       Contact: Lee Sang Hoon (Korean Missionaries)
            - 3rd year working with this Church
    8/6 - Rest and spend time with Pastor Lee’s Family  

    8/7 - Pastor Kato's Church - Time with Kumiko`s hula dance team
            Performance about 50 minutes and testimonies

    8/8 - Sunday morning Worship 10:45.
        - Speak a message or testimony (30 minutes)
             - After lunch, performance (20 minutes) for church members
        - Sunday afternoon, go to Pastor Thuzi`s Jesus Fellowship Church.
            - performance and testimonies (1 hour)
                - After performance, invited to a student meeting at Church School in Jesus Fellowship Church.
                    - They are all home schooling kids, 20 members.
                    - They want to hear about our homeschooling.
    Aug 9th  - Fly Home to Colorado

    Watch for updates.
    We feed information and photos home for our Mission Log Updates and will get it out to all of you, our CMA Japan family!

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