King Soopers Gift Cards CMA Japan

Help support CMA’s Japan mission outreach at no extra cost to you!!
If you shop at King Soopers you can earn money for our Japan trip just by doing your normal grocery shopping, or filling up on gas!

King Soopers will give us 5% back on any purchases made with the simple reloadable gift cards.
We have pre-loaded each card with $5 for you to begin shopping!
You can purchase your card for $5 from any teacher at CMA locations,
or contact us at:

* Load more money onto your card at the store register or front counter, use it to pay for gas or groceries and that’s it!
Keep re-filling and using your card and we’ll keep getting 5%!

* Please tell friends and family!

See List of Colorado Locations for King Soopers Gas >HERE<
Also: Save up to $1.00 per gallon on gasoline at King Soopers Gas Stations with their members "SooperCard".

Use our Gift Card at any of these King Soopers family of stores.

plus... Kwik Shop, Quik Stop, Baker's, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, QFC, and more.
* See back of card for more.

Don't Forget Don't Forget!  Reload your card and use it to pay for your groceries or gas. CMA gets 5%
Help send our team to minister in Japan this summer.

Gift Cards available at all CMA functions or by mail for $5.
We have
pre-loaded each card with $5.00 for you.

(we accept cash, checks, credit/debit cards or PayPal)

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